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that's churchill yes churchill was a skilled schemer you know easy easy easy easy is this awful guy and they make these great movies about him but he's a kleptocrat. well that's it for this half of that chis report stay tuned for the second half a lot more yes stay tuned for the second half much more. exists is harlan kentucky. poised to go to st ronnie's remove. a coup money city it was almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal was assured. that it was love to see these people a survivor was disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i
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was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that end it's how can this happen to. anyone else so it's seemed wrong. but old rules just don't hold. me if you get to shape out these days comes to educate and in gains from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the sixty's full on awesome well the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of marty america is doing the same we are
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apparently better than blue that i see people you've never heard of love back to the night not the president of the world bank though very deliberately variously sent us an email prescribe medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit some site water or who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects. was chemically altered what i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because
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something's legal doesn't mean it's safe. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser initial coin offering you know i don't think we've actually talked about this recall in offerings on this show well let's get into right now airy you see the chief operating officer of storm token ery welcome thanks for having me what a pleasure to have you all and i'm hearing great things about storm x. and the storm token so that a successful initial point offering in twenty seventeen tell us about the storm told. and game a five micro tasks what is it yes so we've been in market for about three years originally under the name bit maker with just i'm told can we rebranded a storm player on the android app store and basically for trying out different products and services like hulu. games the whole final fantasy who where you
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get paid in crypto whether it's a big and now storm took. it into the subtle bit more subtle game of five micro tasks and tokens and i'm earning tokens gaming so worked through that a little bit more for me for the audience what does that mean so we're a marketplace so from the user perspective i get paid terry we're fake winter storm we're trying out different products and services so that's a user perspective. and we came up by the experience of that. you sort of have this like journey so step one download the app stop to create a profile and each time you get paid say a dollar and then when you hit the final goal of trying out hulu for thirty days we'll pay you fifteen dollars in the theory and they will miss them so if i'm on a social networking site like that and i'm putting up content all the time i never get paid if i'm working with stone and i'm interacting out there i'm going pay
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you're going to pay for my interaction micro tasks so you're. are you disrupting are you just something social networks first of all we're disrupting the way advertising works so from the other side of the marketplace there's advertisers pay for clicks and likes and downloads but if you're a store owner you want actually people to come into your restaurant try an appetizer and you know give you a real try likes and insults don't really do that and so we thought hey now business owner who what if instead of paying facebook or google for fifteen dollars of clicks and likes give us a fifteen dollars and we'll give it back to these or to actually try your product everybody wins all right so you're the. oh yes so the crew that's a pretty so you're up there in the c. suite so to speak and. so you're not the chief technology officer you know the chief executive officer or the chief operations officer just for thirty seconds
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kind of break down what it does what i see how startup so my responsibilities are the day to day operations of the company it literally is everything and whether it's resourcing systems processes payroll whatever it could be i'm responsible to make sure that day to day we're executing right so this is a very you know this is a heavy it's a variance and all kind of false facts you know and also if i had a lot of ways i understand that this is rolling out a fantastically successful let's talk about ice. for those who are uninitiated what is a nice to go so i see you know sales for initial coin offering from our perspective it's more of a crowd sale so sort of like kickstarter and crowdfunding the world the masses you support projects that you really believe you put in a dollar you put one hundred dollars whatever it may be and you get a token that says i'm a believer in the store and coke and project i believe in every day micro tasks people being put in anywhere any time
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a device so what's the controversy with initial point offerings because. it's not equity as such it's not regulated some would argue by equity regulators. but then again it's not. there's a there's threshold in the i.c.a.o. market where it has to have a utility value and how cognizant of you are or you can make sure fulfills that role doesn't fulfil that role and how does it fill that role. very significantly you know where this is something that we think about all day and all night for us where utility took and there's two kinds of tokens right there's the security tokens where you actually are investment. into that company where utility token because we already had a product where the token was immediately utilized usable within our system and that those are the basic thresholds ok that utility not not to you can't but those
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speak out of school or anything but i guess i'm just saying my following question so yes you see clearly there on all their honest like you know. you know so so how much dialogue if any or do you have the f.c.c. do you are you do you have dialogue with them or how does that work that relationship because they're clearly they're looking at this very closely yes they're looking at this very closely because with anything with this much attention and this much impacts globally you want there are going to be some bad doctors right for us we don't have any direct contact with the f.c.c. but we do pay for a very expensive partner is you know the perkins kui firms and into lloyds who actually do have contacts with c.c. and are working very closely with us to make sure where we're going to step in where being very above by our own board but of course i guss lord in how we execute and operate the company justice you see seems like there are looking to encourage innovation at the stage of the game they don't they seem like they're really trying
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to sort through all the players of this and try to warn folks when they see the obvious. bad actor there they're trying to encourage folks that are doing doing what they were perceived to be innovative things and the money raised on this you know you're not going through the v.c. route and who might take equity so this is just cash how much money does raise let me ask so we raised it and decide where two thousand and seventeen and we sold about thirty two million dollars u.s.d. with a strong focus ok and so. how is a market for the spend of the next couple of years what are you looking to do so right now it's really starting up the team we went from a humble team three four very scrappy entrepreneurs now we're bringing in you know very expensive chief of staff we would take technology or we're bringing in someone to really lead and to find a future where our products are going to be engineers who can do a lot of the heavy lifting and so really raising the bar on our team so that we can
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execute really fast and then not make the mistakes and you know we engineer it so bringing in the old with the new all right so bringing in some senior folks to try it so when you wake up in the morning and you head off to the center pod or the office or the you know wherever the all i or i or you look at it so we're working out of seattle washington right and it's basically two rows of that's true work side by side our little laptops all day long oh so what what what what do you what motivates you about this project i mean when i said game applied micro i mean i can see that this is kind of like a glimmer in your eye you really believe in this right so yeah tell us what your what is your passion about this because you know your passion is what's going to make this project you and your your colleagues what is it that really gets you excited it really is the idea of earth anywhere anytime from anybody with micro tasking technology we can actually really. it's a normalized i don't that's
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a good word. he used normalize how we are really a global nation so my my story and i often tell is on timbuktu maybe she earns twenty cents a day and that's her living but with machine learning task where she identifies one hundred oranges in photos a day she can earn a dollar a day so we can significantly increase her standard of living she can easily turn around and teach uncle to do i wonder photos of oranges today so now they've doubled more than doubled their income for the family they can teach your entire community their churches whatever their it is it's a whole communities globally can rise thanks to my corrections actions most of our digital transactions to date are not built for transactions under five dollars and that's where block chain and the storm token particularly is built for micro transactions so we hear about the claim. with a lot of fees now that i know transactions are not happening to some degree sucks
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or getting it just saying can't come to us we've got they were better for payments etc but you're really specializing that five dollars under not specializing but you have a sweet spot there i guess you could say so. the folks that are around the world that we're this could make a substantial difference to their lives right because people are living on a dollar a day five dollars a day ten dollars an hour they're very low income people and and if they have access like nations in africa for example have phones and things where you see growth in this work countries are growing up with this it really is more of the developing nations we are very popular in the philippines thailand indonesia of course mexico brazil but we actually have a very strong u.s. population as well so it's it's it's literally quote one hundred eighty some countries right and now some like krypto in general so the crypto market you know we got very frothy twenty seventeen twenty thousand of it growing the whole market one hundred eight hundred billion eight hundred twenty billion we've had
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a serious correction i guess you could call it you know back to fifty percent some of the smaller points. how does that impact your business if at all. it impacts us because our communities really care and it really impacts them but overall as a company we're here for the long game versus the you know the the bumps it's going to be a bumpy ride there's still a lot to be figured out about krypto and tokens and and block chains in general our business model was already fixed we were already a growing company our revenues actually doubled from last year so. if we continue to focus on the numbers that really do matter versus the short term ups and downs of the token and all the i guess angsty around that that's around the token yanks i don't think there were just token. centered mostly i think it's you know there's a lot of new people coming into crypto and they see them outside of what could market cap nearly. you know it's ok it's ok so you're vice chill yeah long game
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versus short game there's a lot of things that need to be figured out a theory i'm sort of like dial up in you know fourteen point four kill a way dial up. the internet there's still some things that need to be figured out but it was. would it be fair to say are you all baloney i'm on the borderline after life coming after i am one because so i am one hundred seventy nine formally ok so i'm neither millennial nor gen x. i'm. sorry and so we hear that this generation is now accepting. as really. they've growing up i can and they understand that banks are inferior in many ways and they are adopting and they're living just like people have become you know smartphone from you. know what about that is not true what you see that in that regard it's a whole nother way of living i mean you go out to lunch and you bend mo where you
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know. jack's wallet somebody you know a payment and you're done that's it it's very fast and simple. and banks are seen as dinosaurs. that's not really part of the necessary day to day life they're being distant immediate they're being destroyed yeah you don't have to go drive to the bank to make your deposit or pick up checks anymore like you know we did in the eighty's now it's. done with crypto there's an idea that you are owning sound money you are saving money in a way and that's very different than the generations we've just experienced that i've gone deep deep into debt. already is your perception of money big philosophical question but is your perception of money and is that you think different with crypto versus let's say the outlay us dollars and that bad rush to use credit cards and go into debt insert generational thought about that i think the younger generation say the millennial generation cares more about experiences that like the consumer he i need to have stuff so that's
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a little bit different and then one hundred fifteen c. and. valuing time very differently too and how we work and live that's a block so if the lottery every you chief operating officer of storm token thanks so much thanks but that's going to do this edition of the kaiser report with me thanks guys or stay here would like to thank our guests terry you of still joke and joining us on twitter it's kaiser report it's all the time. as you read the stand. that i'm. rather looking for because.
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i want you and that. but i don't like him then you. can keep an eye on what i have seen as a child with a truffle that it. doesn't work then i'm modeling my michelle the downside of. the thing the only and lot of the. members that i would i have had no necessity to in. get this whole food place choice the i knew where you're from and theosophy chime in syria has said. to me she ought to give up somewhere else for that even after the couple farts around us mr hates it for jim and then for hope that our freddie macor. even.
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i've played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out so. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending sixteen twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else on to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so well more chimes for. the base
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this minute. yes there was but with a large couple of it you can. help remove the last election i believe will move forward so will most of the young and we will see you all but you know one of the things going up in the bushes i shall. keep you from coming to you from the kind of game you do the you know the middle of the sky it's more you the who cooks believe the g.b. easy road reason you took the edge. you will know the old bench look at the procedure to the armor if you can you get other counties up and you tell us maybe you didn't miss told me my suspicion i was there. was.
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the u.s. secretary of state claims russia quote ultimately is responsible for the chemical attacks that have taken place in syria since moscow intervened in the conflict. that's coming up this hour heads of states titans of business and finance the senate on the swiss resort of. the world economic forum we look at what's on the agenda also to come. what. was. french president stuff blockade dozens of detention facilities or the comfrey they demand safer working conditions following a spate of attacks by inmates. a probe was launched into
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five months worth of crucial text messages that have been lost by the f.b.i. which could be. we shed light on bias within the agency. global news live from or here in moscow every hour of the day this is our teacher national our top story this hour the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has claimed the blame for a chemical attacks carried out in syria over the past number of years lies with moscow regardless of who was behind them whoever conducted the attacks russia ultimately burrs responsibility for the victims and the. countless other syrians targeted with chemical weapons since russia became involved in syria. r.t. senior correspondent rob gets the of joins us live in the studio. what we know
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about this what are we learning not only what there's almost no information available all of these reports are coming from twitter from various sources the white helmets for example whose leader was banned by the entry into the united states because of his ties to extremists whose members act his body bag bagus and the al qaeda executions and who operate exclusively easily missed areas areas of syria held by hardcore islamists but you know their motivations that bias aside the reports that we're hearing coming from the cat both in syria and abroad and the information we're seeing is a bunch of metal cabinets there's metal canisters that reportedly targeted eastern ghouta just just east of the capital damascus and there are reports of two dozen
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people injured ten men i think the rest woman children according to all of these activists. there's no actual footage of these bombs and chlorine gas i've seen clearing gas used back in aleppo during the battle of aleppo it leaves behind a huge greenish cloud and it isn't difficult you know to take it to take a picture which would which would say a lot more but there's this new pictures that's just pictures of empty canisters laying around on the ground and even experts a loss to explain how exactly these these catus work the reports of casualties deaths so far one cat one cat what we've seen an activist holding up in eastern guta he says that it's suffocated to death because of chlorine gas and clearing gas you know they're saying thirteen shall starve in cities they do to and only two dozen people were injured the strange as for the
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secretary to listen argument that russia is somehow responsible for a crime that may or may not have happened and which hasn't been verified but that's a far stretch it would be like holding the united states responsible for every time that its allies the afghan government rocky forces the s.d.f. every time they stage an execution for example every time they commit a war crime it's it's a stretch and i would say politics more than anything else as for this attack in eastern guta there's just no information available and the information we have is from less than reliable sources ok and i suppose we're awaiting reaction to rex tillerson comments as well nothing's come out enough so far i believe thanks very much as they have for now. all right moving on to another headline stories this hour the luxury swiss resort of davos is opening its doors to the annual world economic forum and with this year's focus on creating a shared future in
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a fractured world it's pulled in a record number of world leaders and heads of government that includes donald trump who is just the second u.s. president to attend the summit. report today is the first official day of the world economic forum here in the swiss alps and it has attracted a number of political heavyweights that are going to be in attendance everyone from theresa may to mccraw on merkel justin trudeau and surprisingly enough donald trump he has a speech scheduled for later this week that is much anticipated and it will make him this second u.s. president to ever attend the first being bill clinton back in two thousand now in time government shutdown back at home did put his trip under question for a little while but things are back on track at this point of course many are very curious about how his america first actually fit in with the globalist atmosphere that the forum both although no one's really expecting him to conform to that this year in general is shaping up to be
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a whole new davos with the politics of the last year creeping in and the economic focus being a bit blurred first of all this is the first year ever that the summit is chaired by only women and a number of the discussions really don't seem to have much of an economic focus at all discussing things like race privilege and sexual harassment the hottest trends of two thousand and seventeen of course and v.i.p.'s are not the only thing descending on davos the past few days have seen almost two meters of snow fall leaving a lot of concerns and its wake the local authorities have warned of the possibility of avalanches the helo pad in davos was closed down for a few hours leaving the question of how the leaders are going to get to the forum perhaps we'll see them all on skis dumbest reality economic and environmental social and political fragility in avalanche territory a loud noise can bring the whole mountain down. and donald trump comes to town on friday turns out davos is actually the social experiment when you gather a bunch of the v.i.p.'s then make them carry their own luggage through this snow and stand in lines with each other. wonder what would happen if. no one could
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leave or we in the world realize that you could run it without the business and political elites. well journalists. believe the summit should be placing more emphasis on solving the global economic problems the social issues of two thousand and seventeen including. inclusiveness so. it was mentioned and all those things have been everywhere in the new spot that sounds important maybe but not as important as the economics of the summit i think that the north america europe japan and all to developed nations have never been as inclusive as they are now all told by the way of course there are reactions to certain things like the migration crisis but the people are used to it now much more than before and we are fairly inclusive it's not
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a time for crusades anymore. well as we heard the three day government shutdown in the u.s. has finally come to an end after president from sunday temporary funding bill congress has just over two weeks to reach an agreement on the thorny issue of protections for on documented immigrants who were brought to the u.s. as children however a lot of media coverage of the bi partisan split is making sure to focus on shortcomings even though the shutdown was actually two weeks shorter than the previous one could twenty thirty but it should have been a day of celebration for president one year in office the one year anniversary of his presidency but the party he planned it mar a lago is no more at the moment because you're waking up to a government that is shut down. this is hard stuff for him this is his first anniversary tomorrow he's got a big party and then he's going out to show the world what a great job he's doing as president seventy is a domestic crisis if he was such
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a great deal maker the government wouldn't be close to what it. was. for the first time in seventeen years much of the federal government is shut down congress failed to agree on a new funding board midnight deadline the public of course is increasingly disgusted by what they're seeing going on or not going on in washington and the latest a.b.c. news washington post poll showed majorities disapproving of the president and both parties in congress. ok moving to europe now our prison staff across france are blockading detention facilities and calling for a complete overhaul of the system there over one hundred centers have been affected the protests are now in their ninth day began after a series of assaults against prison workers by inmates one of the hotspots being the ferry jail in your part it's the largest in europe holding more than four thousand inmates it's also used to monitor suspected extremists among them as the
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salaam who faces trial over the twenty fifteen terror attacks stuff held demonstrations outside the prison on friday violence broke out. i. know just about as today we have all come here for a strike because discontent is spreading across france the crucial problem is the security of prison personnel on top of that there's the issue of islamic radicals were also kept in our jail you are not isolated from other inmates oh. i don't know what you lose it's dangerous for us to be around the inmates because for them we are everything they hate for them we are enemies by definition.

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